Mitragyna Speciosa

Financing Sustainable Growth For SMEs Globally

In 2016, participants at the Business at OECD (BIAC)-B20 Roundtable on Financing Growth: SMEs in Global Value Chains agreed three overarching  recommendations for G20 Leaders under the Chinese Presidency (building on recommendations issued under the Turkish Presidency). Common to each of these areas is the need in the current economic climate for governments to expand their focus from guardians of financial stability towards enablers of growth and investment. In turn, the private sector should take more ownership of actions. Today these recommendations remain valid and should be pursued, even strengthened, in the new political environment where protectionist pressures are rising. As a result, this year’s Business at OECD-B20 event (agenda at the end of this report) shifted its attention from the “what”, enshrined in the recommendations, to the “how” of ensuring these aims can be achieved.