B20 SME Development Taskforce Policy Paper

B20 SME Development Taskforce if one of the five taskforces of B20 China. The Taskforce received in-depth content and process support form Accenture as its Knowledge Partner. The World SME Forum is the Taskforce’s Network Partner.

The work of the B20 China SME Development Taskforce builds on that of the B20 Turkey 2015, where the Taskforce then had identified key challenges to SME development and the G20 endorsed a number of recommendations as a consequence. In particular 2015 saw the creation of the World SME Forum (WSF). Building on last year’s outcome together with the G20 China priorities this year, the working group that includes the chair’s deputy, co-chairs, Accenture as the knowledge partner and the WSF as the network partner generated a list of potential policy recommendations that Taskforce members prioritized and narrowed through a series of in-person and teleconference meeting throughout 2016.